For Grins: 11/18/08

Best. Episode. Ever. And I missed it.

For Grins: 11/17/08

I caught The Soup the other night and just saw a rerun. I don’t know what’s funnier the clip from the show (VAGINA!…and acting-deaf-girl) or McHale’s recap. Anyway, had to share…

Do You Have a Work Spouse?


I think I’ve seen this article before, or heard about this phenomena. The possibly preposterous thing about it is that its so very true of the current state of the work place. In my work place I probably have a couple of work spouses (does that make me a work polygamous?! [...]

Constructing the Destructable!

For more than four years I have been attempting to put some of my work on the internet. In that time, I have tried to use different tools to achieve that end, but each time I grew frustrated by the final product and nothing ever went “live”. In the mean time I occupied my [...]