Flawed Art

She is an artist, self described prisoner of her thoughts. She sits and often weeps, in the padded room,  cushioned with her head in the sand, an ostrich with dirt in the eyes. Serial butcher with a brush. Her delusions, painted over hurt. She pretends she doesn’t care About the world. About the people [...]

A Nice Find

Bookstores are fun. Yes, I know that quickly casts me away into the fanciful and all but cool, realm of Nerd, but I don’t much care about that (heck, if there is or should ever be a land of nerd, I’m probably somewhere near the top in such a community’s societal hierarchy, though not at the top, some people are scarier I promise).

The are many things I enjoy about bookstores, and I’ve noticed that a lot of the joy is abstract (from the smell of the store to the overall vibe of the place). The one thing about book stores that I enjoy the most though (aside from buying a book), is when you find a hidden gem of a book, some unexpected treasure sitting there on the shelf or in some discarded pile in the “bargain” area. And that is exactly what happened to me when I went to the book store last week and picked up Paul Auster’s Man in the Dark. CONTINUE READING