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If it were you or me we would be sent to jail while we awaited our trial. Even if we were accused of commiting less fraud. Is the judge in this case paid off? There is something wrong about a guy accused of $50 BILLION in fraud sleeping soundly in [...]

Say No to The Phone!


I for one am completely for a ban on cell phone usage while driving. I personally don’t see how it can be easily enforced, but I believe it should be. As is, drivers can barely drive safely with their full attention on the road, driving while using a cellphone increases the [...]

Obessions With The End

The history of the human species could be categorized as a dark comedy. It has been a bloody history, but not one completely without its brighter moments. Man’s capacity for good and for evil ensures that things will never be anything short of interesting. Regardless, it never ceases to amaze me how our fear of death feeds our hunger to know about, or to somehow discover, how it will all end.

This week on TV there were shows playing on the History Channel as part of their Armageddon week. All kinds of shows you could’ve never imagined, about all sorts of topics under the sun regarding the “end of times” (cue dramatic music and fancy visual editing–don’t forget the ominously sounding narrator). Something about the fact that there would be a week dedicated to “the end” on a cable network, seems sad to me. Are we that unhappy with our lives that we want to see them end? Fear not people! Barrack Obama will make everything better (cue heavenly light and choir of angels), the dark days of Bush are over (uh wait, what if Obama is the Antichrist!). CONTINUE READING

Daily Picture: 1/10/09

Happy about additional travel plans for the future. Planning escapes is crucial to ensure you don’t lose your mind during the course of the year. The occasional “disconnection” from the monotonous routine is good for the soul. Lets hope for a good year that sees the economy improve as the year progresses.

Location: Palermo

The State of the Things: Immigration Part 1

Cooking is the immigration quandary in this country. It is a matter with many fair points on both rational sides of the issues.  For, needless to say, there are a lot of irrational sides and irrational people making themselves heard, regarding this topic; making the perceived problem worse.

It is always important to note that this is an issue about people. Not criminals. Not monsters.

Sure racists and ignorant nativist ignite the flames of irrational fear and hate, every chance they get. They hide behind the call for an end to so-called “illegal immigration” even if they are against immigration in general. These people are always trying to sway public opinion to their cause. And as the economy worsens, people will find it easier to fall in line with those ideas.

In Nazi Germany, the fascists blamed the Jews for all the country’s troubles. Once the Jews were made into the problem. They were no longer humans, but animals, pests that they had to get rid of, and we all know how that story ended.