Daily Picture: 5/25/09

By the time we made it to the end of this trail (a secluded stretch of beach, succumbing to the tide), we realized that we would have to turn back.  When we did, the ocean was slowly coming into the trail too.  Not something I saw in Sitka!

Location: Barefoot Beach Preserve

Anything is [...]

Daily Picture: 5/14/09

Spring time is about renewal/rebirth. Out with the old and in the with the new. The bougainvilleas are blooming again. A canopy of magenta colored-flowers is a wonderful sight; especially when you’re trying to get the dog to cooperate after a long day at work. We spend so much time inside (our buildings and [...]

Priest on the Beach

Good looking people do no wrong. It’s true.

When you think of crimes and terrible acts, you  immediately picture the perpetrators to be ugly and mean-looking . When you think of a criminal, you imagine someone who you would not exactly want to have a conversation with, and definitely never imagine someone with whom you would go out on a date (unless you’re into that sort of thing). I suppose at some level, looks are entered into the shock factor equation.  He was such a nice man? You would never think he would be capable….

Of course, a lot of the time, criminals are good looking and it is their charm which facilitates their crime.  They are experts (either because of skill or dumb luck) confidence men and women, and no better than any other criminal.  They are out for the betterment of no one but themselves. These good lookers are perhaps worse than the average criminal (the ugly ducklings if you will). They are able to take the early advantage, because lets face it, awkward nervousness aside, we feel safe around attractive people.

The reason I bring this up is because of “Padre Alberto”. CONTINUE READING

Foxy Loxy and His Flu

Which came first the chicken or the egg? Did the media’s obsession with drama come about as a result of our obsession with drama? Or did the media make us into the addicts we are today–looking for our daily fix of the worry, rage, violence, blood–in order to keep us hooked to their brand of crack (news)?

Last week we were told that a pandemic had arrived! Run for the hills. Hide your women and children. Arm yourselves (with masks, loads of hand sanitizer and TAMIFLU).  Many were treated as if they had the plague. One student sick at a school? Pre-summer vacation for all the kids (teachers too)! Airports in some cities were screening people to see if they had fevers (because heat signatures are cool). God forbid someone sneezed or coughed in public (remember the common cold or plain allergies, no?). Such a thing would immediately ostracize you, you little leper you.

Emergency rooms were filling up because of the hysteria, but the makers of hand sanitizer and TAMIFLU were reaping the benefits (how much have they made off are they making off with). I wonder how many people died in ERs across the nation last week, because John Doe had a runny nose. CONTINUE READING

Daily Picture: 5/3/09

This past week I participated in the Corporate Run. It was a nice deviation from the normal, boring routine. Sometimes you just need to get out there and break from the same old thing.

Location: Miami (Downtown)

In this picture (taken from beneath a tree, hovering over our company’s tent), there is a balloon [...]