Daily Picture: 8/13/09

After an evening storm, the clouds receded into the swamp, as the sun punched out and called it a day.

“If this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is!”

That’s the lesson learned this week–take the time and appreciate the nice and don’t dwell too much on the stuff that’s not as good.

Stay Healthy or Else

I have found myself thinking about my health a lot more these days.  I think slowly we are all becoming more mindful (even obsessed) with our bodies and the stuff we put in and yes even the lovely things that come out.  Everyone poops you know, even if we are all insanely embarrassed about it.  Look away now, the dog is emptying his bowel.

Healthy foods are still relatively more expensive than their evil (but good) counterparts.  Buy one, get one free!   I know lots of people who are still infatuated with the chemical buffet that are frozen foods.  Pop it in the microwave and poof, it’s ready in minutes.  The finishing product never ends up looking like the picture in the commercial—never mind tasting as it probably should.  We still eat it and we all go back and buy some more.  That’s capitalism for you.  One man’s trash is another’s treasure.  But seriously, what if it’s just all trash? CONTINUE READING