Happy Face

Yesterday we thought today we’d be happy, and today we think tomorrow will bring the joy that right now is missing; but tomorrow comes bringing with it the simple realization that we were really happy yesterday, not tomorrow and definitely not today. Or maybe we were never happy…but tomorrow is a new day. Maybe….

What is happiness, but a simple mirage set against the steaming sand between the bright sky of our dreams and the cooking surface of reality.

I look around and see many who have followed the rules of the game, only to find that winning it means nothing (or at least it doesn’t mean what they thought it would). Broken promises? False advertisement? Maybe….

Who puts these ideas termed success in our head? Who deems the course we should follow, or has us imagine the finish line?

Maybe this intricate system we’ve built over the centuries is broken. A bridge to nowhere slowly collapsing.

It could be said that the happiest people in the world are those living in the so-called third world. So what if their homes can’t withstand the forces of nature? The dirt floors of these humble abodes only accentuate the bright smiles and their facial glow.

We cling to hope, not happiness in our fancy weather proof boxes (they keep the bugs out, but the breeze too) the artificial lights only cast shadows over everything…even our ideas.

We cling to this flawed idea that tomorrow will be better (HINT: the hope is that we’ll be FEELING better). It never happens. We’re stuck in a vicious cycle of want and wanting more.

The cure to this disease? I personally think it starts with a smile that builds from a serious face and slowly morphs with great determination into a smirk, which spreads its wings like a butterfly across our face and lights the way forward through the darkness. It is like a lighthouse guiding everything home.

Life is beautiful and each breath we take is already eagerly happy.

Let’s try not to complicate things with expectations. Enjoy the beauty as much as possible.

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