“Most people think that shadows follow, precede or surround beings or objects. The truth is that they also surround words, ideas, desires, deeds, impulses and memories.” -Elie Wiesel

You can be early, or late, but regardless there will always be some kind of waiting. The wait can be brutal.

Buddhist often say that the reason people suffer is their inability to accept that all things are impermanent. Even the start and finish mutate. Change is constant. People and events, come and go, and we’re left with nothing more than a memory and a need to find a meaning for it all.  Our preconceived notions of life often get in the way of our happiness, and letting go of them is part of the change we so frequently fear but need. Our own ideas and thoughts are often our enemy. Sometimes we must look beyond ourselves.

Everyone we meet and every story we hear is meant to help us on our journey. People’s messages and lessons-learned become our reminders. The fact is, that no one is perfect. Everyone is working on some aspect of themselves that needs changing, that needs nurturing. Most of us, are addressing many aspects of our lives that need improvement not just some. Standing and passing judgment on others and their progress (while easy) is a waste of time.

And if others pass judgment on you let them wallow in the shadow of their words and the thoughts that produced them. You can’t control what people think of you, you can only control what you think of yourself. We are not victims of life, and while choices can undue progress, they can also set us on a course to correcting a perceived “wrong” future. The worse sickness that can afflict a person is hopelessness, and that must be avoided at all costs. There is hope even in the idea of change. You don’t have to change THEIR mind, you just have to change yours, even as you wait.

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