I have selected to share the following batch of my photos because, of subject, composition or technique, I  find them interesting.  These photos are neatly divided into corresponding collection galleries.  Please keep checking back. I occasionally add new photos and galleries to these albums.

Daily Photos

This is purely a collection of photos dedicated for the blog (for a cohesion of visual and written thought). These photos relate to some ongoing theme in my day. They may be old unshared photos or new photos taken that very day.

20 Photos

North Pacific Vistas Collection

This collection consists of photos taken in the North Pacific, specifically of areas in Washington, Alaska, and British Columbia.

44 Photos

Old World Vistas Collection

This collection include various photos taken in Europe. Currently the collection contains photos taken in Spain, France, Italy, Sicily, and the Vatican.

40 Photos


This is a miscellaneous collection of photos, taken in a variety of places. They don't fit into any specific collection and stand alone. In many ways they are the singular best picture of group of photos taken at various particular points in time.

13 Photos

Caribbean Wonders Collection

This collection consists of photos taken in countries in or bordering the Caribbean Sea. Currently this collections contains photos taken in Haiti, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Grand Cayman, Mexico, Belize and The Bahamas.

56 Photos


This collection includes photos taken in the Greater Miami area.

34 Photos

Bully Spread

This group consists of photos of my dog; out of the thousands that I have taken of him, about a couple hundred are only decent. He is not the most patient subject.

5 Photos

Outdoors Collection: Florida

This is a collection of photos from my adventures in the great Florida outdoors. Stay tuned, as I'll keep adding to this collection once I've completed an excursion.

24 Photos


9 Photos


This is a collection of photos consists of images from my continued visits to the state of North Carolina. Stay tuned, as I'll keep adding to this collection.

9 Photos