Today…There’s purpose!

“He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.” -Nietzsche

Purpose produces the seeds of happiness. There’s nothing more dangerous than an idle mind, and in turn an idle way of life. Perhaps, the daily routine we often curse, is the fabric of what keeps us going.  It keeps us from shutting down.  I hear the stories all the time of people who lose their minds when they retire and miss that…purpose (of course many people do find new routines…but, what are the statistics behind being afflicted with Alzheimer’s while you have an 8-5. Probably less than for those who don’t and sit idly at home). CONTINUE READING

Today….They too have their stories.

“Speak your truth quietly and clearly;/ and listen to others,/ even the dull and the ignorant;/ they too have their story./ Avoid loud and aggressive persons;/ they are vexatious to the spirit.” -Desiderata

Everyone has a story–the dull, the ignorant, the loud, and aggressive persons too. That story can sometimes be surprising, and make us view that certain individual in a new light. Sometimes all it takes is a little act of kindness to see a well hidden and often vulnerable side of someone–kindness as simple as a smile or as elaborate as a surprise candled cake on their birthday. People are the way they are for a reason. They have chosen to become the person they are as a result of their experiences. We shouldn’t judge, but we almost always do, because in judging others we’re also, in a way, trying to understand ourselves.  CONTINUE READING

Today….What about tomorrow?

“Look, and it can’t be seen/ Listen, and it can’t be heard/ Reach, and it can’t be grasped” -Tao Te Ching

The secret to sustainable happiness I think lies in the ability of letting go….attempting to control situations (causes and effects) and/or somehow control the feelings of others is futile. That is the theme for today. Tomorrow, will always be there no matter what. Worrying won’t make things any different. Everyone has their path in this life….we just have to do our best with others, and when we can’t do more…get out of the way.

Happy Face

Yesterday we thought today we’d be happy, and today we think tomorrow will bring the joy that right now is missing; but tomorrow comes bringing with it the simple realization that we were really happy yesterday, not tomorrow and definitely not today. Or maybe we were never happy…but tomorrow is a new day. Maybe….

What is happiness, but a simple mirage set against the steaming sand between the bright sky of our dreams and the cooking surface of reality. CONTINUE READING

Daily Picture: 3/23/10

Weeds and Life Under the Bougainvillea

Nature is amazing. This stray cat wandered into our backyard, lay under a big bougainvillea and had her kittens. It’s the simple things you witness that make you appreciate the beauty of life.