Daily Picture: 10/3/2010

Everything looks peaceful from the air. Is this how God feels when he checks up on us?

Daily Picture: 10/16/09

Dogs are silly. Brighten any day. Add an exclamation mark to the good ones too.

Daily Picture: 10/3/09

Bougainvillea leaves are fairly large. I took this photo because it was one of largest butterflies I have seen to date (it probably had a wingspan of somewhere around 6in if not more). So there I was, the sun quickly setting, the mosquitoes enjoying the buffet provided by my exposed feet, and me [...]

Daily Picture: 8/13/09

After an evening storm, the clouds receded into the swamp, as the sun punched out and called it a day.

“If this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is!”

That’s the lesson learned this week–take the time and appreciate the nice and don’t dwell too much on the stuff that’s not as good.

Daily Picture: 5/25/09

By the time we made it to the end of this trail (a secluded stretch of beach, succumbing to the tide), we realized that we would have to turn back.  When we did, the ocean was slowly coming into the trail too.  Not something I saw in Sitka!

Location: Barefoot Beach Preserve

Anything is [...]