The Subtle Triumph of the People

Transparency is crucial for any democracy, for it facilitates people’s faith in the government. Without it, distrust ferments, and slowly the foundations of any democracy begins to crack as the world looks on, shaking their heads.  As we know,  in a democracy, power lies with the citizens. Yet, without a clear view of their government and its actions the citizenry’s power is undermined.  Sure, it is  important to be transparent in times when a government acts justly. Politicians enjoy ensuring that people are fully aware of all the good the government (by way of their representation) manages to do for the masses. However, in times when we as a country make mistakes or errors of judgment the same transparency should prevail. CONTINUE READING

Tea Parties and the Hazards of Ignorance

God Bless America! One of the few things our country asks of us, is that we contribute to help sustain, support, and protect our country as we pay our fair share to the government, so that it can pursue those ends. In truth, the tax code could use some more work. Particularly the type of work the has the Donald Trumps and Bill Gates’ of the world paying a bit more on their taxes to help relieve the burden on those of us in the middle and lower brackets. And in truth tax dollars could be used more wisely, and not on foreign pointless wars (see Iraq). In the end though, it is safe to say that it is unpatriotic, therefore not to pay your taxes, just as it is unpatriotic to believe in no taxation.

Today, as citizens from all over the nation run to make the tax filing deadline, all over the country there are demonstrations against the government. These demonstrations have been fondly (though misguidedly) referred to as “Tea Parties”. They have based their political demonstration on the 1773 Boston Tea Party, a protest against the taxation of the American colonists without elected representation in the British Government.

The problem is not the act of demonstrating against the government (that is a freedom we enjoy, thanks in part to tax money used to help ensure the very safety of those protestors), but the issues and practices presumably being protested: spending and big government (it’s hard to find what exactly these people are protesting, or if they’re just protesting for protesting’s sake–but let’s just say…); and the fact that they refer to these protests as Tea Parties is laughable (obvious slang term aside). CONTINUE READING

Pirates Are Not Cool

Sorry Disney. Pirates are not cool. Whether they be from the Caribbean, love; or from some far corner at world’s end. Take all the nonesense happening over in the horn of Africa, for instance. Forget the Middle East. Can we get troops into Africa? They seem to be in major need of definite nation [...]

Money > Law


If it were you or me we would be sent to jail while we awaited our trial. Even if we were accused of commiting less fraud. Is the judge in this case paid off? There is something wrong about a guy accused of $50 BILLION in fraud sleeping soundly in [...]

Say No to The Phone!


I for one am completely for a ban on cell phone usage while driving. I personally don’t see how it can be easily enforced, but I believe it should be. As is, drivers can barely drive safely with their full attention on the road, driving while using a cellphone increases the [...]