If I say I’m right, you’ll say I’m wrong. The problem is the forces of the universe won’t care. All causes have effects you see. Fire and smoke make a cave warm.

Right or wrong: the sun will rise and set, or not.  But I suppose ignorance is bliss. Ask the fish approaching the [...]

Painted in the Mirror

Look around and you’ll see
the gallery of the make believe.
See the different masterpieces that surround?
Each created by a different inspired mind.

Everyone is creative.

Know thyself?
Or know the image painted for the world?
One look in the mirror, can one see the brush strokes?
“The mask that grins and lies”, Dunbar’s words not mine.

Everyone is inventive.

Where there is hurt, a lovely shade of yellow covers
it from those who would see, like the sun,
but with a dash of bubble gum pink to distract
from the shadow underneath.

Everyone is resourceful.

The flaws are cleaned with a sleek angelic CONTINUE READING

Flawed Art

She is an artist, self described prisoner of her thoughts. She sits and often weeps, in the padded room,  cushioned with her head in the sand, an ostrich with dirt in the eyes. Serial butcher with a brush. Her delusions, painted over hurt. She pretends she doesn’t care About the world. About the people [...]

When the Child Dies

Behind the pale clouds, of the mind, which like mountains climb, into the burning sky of consciousness, lies a vivid memory, of a child holding a chocolate

ice-cream cone as it weeps onto his finger tips.

Beyond the child, his reflection is cast on a tainted window from where the view is as shattered, [...]

Pride Lost

Bitter, is the taste of defeat embodied in the tears of grief.

Suffocation, so cold it tears down the soul, brings it down to failure’s feet.